DIY twine wrapped jar lights

I read a few different tutorials.

It’s very very easy.

You need

Empty jars no sticker (soak in water to peel off)

Twine (garden style)

Hot glue gun

Spray paint off choice (mine is matt white)


Dab a tiny bit of hot glue on base of jar rim attaching the end of the twine on the roll

Wrap randomly down then back up fairly snuggly

If any bit are moving glue with a tiny dab of hot glue

Wind back to start, glue again and snip off

Outside follow paint can instructions and spray from all directions

You want to be smooth and fine in your layer not thick and dripping (you can always do another layer).

Wait until it’s dry

Peel off twine. I started at the glue join. This removed the glue nearly perfectly. You could pick of any remaining glue but it’s clear anyway.

I’m planning to use battery tealight candles plus some foliage as table decorations for an upcoming event.

But wait… There’s more… Upcoming I’ll be attempting a DIY hanging foliage “installation” and table backdrop. I’ve bought some hesian for table runners. Keep a look out for that.



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